Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Filling-in the Plasterboard and Sanding the Kitchen, Living and Dinning Room Area (Verspachteln, Schleifen Küche, WohnEssbereich)

It is again another day of filling-in the plasterboad and sanding some parts of the house.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Never Ending Work at the Building Site

Hubby and his dad worked hard on the building site and were able to close ALMOST all the walls with plasterboard. 

Substructure Lobby (Unterkonstruktion Diele)

Plasterboard/Drywall Guest WC (Rigips Gäste WC)

Substructure Guest WC (Unterkonstruktion Gäste WC)

Plasterboard/Drywall Office Room (Rigips Arbeitszimmer)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Our Bathtub was Delivered! (Unser Badewanne ist da!)

I was excited to receive the call of the courier. They said, our bathtub will be delivered in our house (building site) in 10 minutes. Good that hubby, hubby's dad  and I were at the building site (working). It was almost 12 noon.

Hubby and his dad carried it inside and temporarily set it at the kitchen area. 

Update Update

It has been awhile since the last update on this blog.

We are now on the Autumn season and the weather is not so good. That means, flu is just around the corner =(

These are the updates for the last two weeks...

Hubby's Dad finished the case of one of our ventilation pipe, located in our pantry.

Finally, the last wood-based panel in our kitchen was installed. It took awhile because of the electric cables that needed to be fix on that wall.


I was able to install the last vapor retarder in our kitchen ceiling. On the first picture below, it still needs to be finalized and taped with Eurasol.

First batch of the ceiling substructure in our kitchen.

Ceiling substructure is now installed.

Hubby installed the drywall.

Hubby installed the last piece of the drywall in our kitchen. At last, our living, dinning, kitchen and pantry's wall were all finished.

Hubby installed the wood-based panels in our Guest WC. It was not that easy since it needed to perfectly fit on those plumbing pipes.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Filling-in and Smoothing the Plasterboard (Verspachteln und Schleifen die Gipskartonplatten )

After finishing the application of the penetrating primer in our pantry this morning, I then started smoothing some walls in our groundfloor. When hubby's dad arrived, he continued installing the plasterboard in our chimney walls and I worked on filling-in the plasterboards in our living, dinning room and lobby.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Applying Penetrating Primer on the Walls (Anwendung Tiefgrund Lösemittelfrei auf die Wände)

Hubby's dad taught me how to apply the penetrating primer on the walls. I started doing it on the chimney located in our second floor. After that, I started to apply it on our pantry.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Remaining Insulation Materials (Dämmung)

I thought I was finished installating insulation materials. When we checked on our bathroom upstairs, our Guest Toilet and part of our Kitchen, I still need to install some of it. Ok... then... achooooo! (sneezzzz).

I also cleaned-up the whole place.

I wrote markings where the beams are, in preparation for hubby's ceiling substructure installation.