Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sanding Sanding Sanding (Schleifen Schleifen Schleifen)

Since hubby needs to work out-of-town, yesterday hubby's dad and I cleaned-up the building-site and in the afternoon hubby's dad worked on the second floor.

Today, hubby's dad and I went to the building site --- I did the sanding of the walls and he did the next batch of filling paste on the walls and ceiling. We worked on the second floor to finalized it before we can continue on the ground floor.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Vapor Retarder Installation Dinning Room and Lobby (Dampfbremse anbringen Essbereich und Diele )

Today, I worked the whole day to double the ceiling insulation in our dinning room and lobby. After that, I was then able to finally install the vapor retarder. As suggested by ProHaus, we just need insulation material of 100 for the ceiling, except on the part near our walls (in the whole house) which should be in 240. But since we have extra insulation materials, we then decided to double it.

After installing the vapor retarder, now the dinning room and lobby looks blue!!! Something new in our ground floor. Unfortunately, hubby's vacation is over... therefore we need to wait for the weekend to install the ceiling substructure.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Electric Installation (Elektro Installation)

Electric installation is one of the most time-consuming work in our house. Hubby is doing all the cabling. I am documenting where the cables pass-thru and we are both deciding where the sockets, switch etc. should be. We also hired an Electrician who is once in awhile at the building site to help, as well as to give his professional suggestions.

It is not easy, since we really need to think about all the possible needs for switches and sockets. For instance, how many switches/sockets do we need in each room, in the bathroom, in our living and dinning room and of course in the kitchen. Electric plans is so connected to how we would like the room to be designed or arranged. For example, we need to have a final plan for kitchen in order to know where the sockets will be installed. We also need to know if we want to use spots instead of simple ceiling lamp.

Today, hubby continued to work on cables and the Electrician worked on finalizing and checking if all the sockets in our second floor works fine.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Planking with Wood-based Panels Living Room (Beplankung der Innenwand Wohnzimmer)

Hubby continued to plank the wood-based panels in our living room. His goal before his three weeks vacation ends is to see progress on the ground floor. Unfortunately, he worked alone most of the times. That is not enough to at least see a big difference on the ground floor.

Our birthday boy was all day working on the building site today. I brought him breakfast in bed this morning to celebrate his special day. The kids and I woked him up singing Happy Birthday. We ate good lunch at home and had tea time in the afternoon. BUT--- most of the time, he was working on our house. I wish and pray that on his next birthday, we are already celebrating it inside our very own house.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Visit of ProHaus Building Consultant (Besuch von ProHaus Ausbauberater)

Our ProHaus Building Consultant visited today late afternoon. He answered all our questions and checked if everything is all right. We also mentioned all the opened issues in our end and he eagerly gave answers for it. It is interesting to know that before our leveling screed arrives, we need to accomplish a lot of things and we need to make sure that everything is being followed. I wish and pray that we will get that before Fall season.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Laying of Rain Water Pipes (Regenwasserohren Verlegen)

This morning, hubby and his dad continued the work in our bathroom.

In the afternoon, hubby, his dad and a helper laid the rain water pipes. Unfortunately, hubby found out that two big pipes were defective. I called ProHaus right away to asked for replacement. Since the pipes were long, there will be an issue on the delivery costs. They can deliver it to us though, when the customer service team visits us (regarding the other open small issues that we have). Because of that, we will not be able to finish installing all the rain water pipes around the house. But at least it looks almost finish.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Drywall Installation Bathroom 3 (Rigips Installation Bad 3)

Hubby and his dad continued installing the drywall in our bathroom. This is how it looks like before lunch time...

The shower part is the only side that still needs drywall installation. But before we will be able to close that, our plumber should first install the ibox.